Thursday, December 18, 2008

My baby is starting to walk! He took his first steps last week, but he'll only walk when we make him lol. He's so cute. I have video of him, but can't get it to load up on here. He's such a joy. We have our Christmas tree baby proofed in a ghetto fashion. It's in the corner, behind a baby gate that has a big Army duffel bag and watering can behind it and a coffee table and stand in front of it. Whatever works! He's also getting his top two teeth, just in time for Christmas lol. He also jabbers constantly. My mom said I did the same thing lol. He said bye bye the other day and he says "up" for the puppy. He'll be 11 months in 10 days. How did that happen? I love him so much.

Eric's done with this semester of college, only one to go! One more semester and he'll be commissioned as an Officer and be back on regular active duty. I'm so proud of him, he's working so hard. He's still considered active duty and gets the regular pay right now, but I'm ready for him to be done with school. It's a lot of work. Right now, he's working on putting tile in our bathroom. I painted it yesterday and he's been putting the tile backer in. He's been wanting to do this since we moved in. It's going to be beautiful.

It doesn't seem like Christmas time to me. Not having my dad here to celebrate with makes it hard. Next month will be a year since he passed. On the 29th of this month him and my mom would have celebrated 30 years of marriage. I miss him. They say it gets better with time, but sometimes it hurts just as bad as it did the day it happened. Which brings me to ask, who says that and what do they know? Anyways, it's also Ryan's first Christmas which makes it difficult too. It's in the Lord's hands though, He'll lead us through.