Monday, March 31, 2008

Vanessa is so sweet. She sent me the most beautiful scrapbook for Ryan Tommy. It was so thoughtful and I appreciate it so very much. Thank you Vanessa! I can't wait to put pictures in it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm exhausted. Eric has to go out to the field tomorrow and spend the weekend out there. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I don't enjoy the thought of not having help. Ryan and I are going to my mom's, but it won't be the same as having Eric. I don't like asking for help, in fact I don't ask for help. It's a flaw of mine, I know.

We spent most of last week with my family, it was spring break for Eric. My Grandma, aunt, and cousins came down on Saturday so they could see Ryan. My cousin told me he looks a lot bigger in his pictures than in real life. He's a little guy, so cute and cuddley. Easter Sunday was hard for me. I went to the cemetary and they had put up my dad's headstone. It's as nice as one of those can be. We got our family pictures back, they turned out really good. I'll post them later. Today is my brother's 27th birthday. He working at a job where he has to watch the wells after the rigs have left, which means he has to stay out there 23 hrs a day, two weeks on one week off. So, he'll only have enough time to eat lunch with his wife and then go back to work, but I hope he has a good day. We had him a surprise party Saturday before last thankfully. My sister has another golf tournament today, I hope she does well. I really don't have much to say lately. I don't know why. Life is just strange these days.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday our beautiful baby boy turned 6 wks old. Monday was also 8 wks since we buried my dad and two months since he passed. Life is strange. Monday also was when my sister played her first golf tournament and it happened to have been here where we live, so we were able to go and watch her play the last 9 holes. She did really good for her first time. She's only been on the team for a couple weeks and she scored a 125. I'm so proud of her. I was very glad we were able to go and watch her play. She's so beautiful and talented, I couldn't be more proud. My brother loves golf too, he's the one who encouraged her to join this year so he's ecstatic that's she's playing. While we were watching she was down at one hole and Eric, Ryan and I were above where she was. I told Eric I sure wished Dad was there, he would have yelled "yatta hey!" as loud as he could, not caring that he was at a golf tournament where you're supposed to be quiet lol. He was always proud of his kids and he always wanted them to know he was there supporting them, even if it did embarrass us to death. :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm very proud of my mom. She is in her last semester of school, she'll graduate with her bachelor's in May. She's doing her internship this semester, two days a week at a DOC and two days at a drug rehab. She's worked very hard to get to where she's at and I know that right now this is the last thing that she wants to be doing, yet she's still plugging along. She is definitely someone to look up to, and I do. I know that she would rather curl up and do nothing right now, but God is giving her the strength to get up each and every day and continue. She has more courage and strength than anyone I know and I hope that I inherited even a tenth of it from her. I love her and thank God for her each and every day.