Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well I had a long post typed out and lost it. I'll boil it down this time.

We're good. Been busy. I'm ready to stay home. I haven't had any seizures since April and I have an appt the 2nd of July. I'm going to see if he'll take me off the medicine they have me on. One of the side effects of that medicine is if you get pregnant it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome systems to the baby. Ryan is doing good. He's getting so big. He's almost 17 months. He's been dusting this morning lol.

We went on a cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I don't recommend Jamaica but would definitely go back to the Bahamas. We were chaperone's on my sister's senior trip.

I have a beautiful neice. She was born May 15. She was 6lbs 9oz 20 inches long. Her name is Makenzie Reece. She's absolutely beautiful.

Eric is now a 2LT. I'm so proud of him. He starts his training next month.

My brother with is baby girl. He's such a proud daddy. He's cute with her. She looks like a dot on his chest :)