Monday, December 31, 2007

My mom and sister were here yesterday and today. They painted the mural and I absolutely adore it! Baby Pooh is so adorable and I'm so thrilled. It turned out way better than the picture I showed them and I'm so thankful to them for doing this for us. The second one is my mom and sister by the mural.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yesterday was my parent's 29th anniversary! I'm so proud of them. They have been through a lot in their many years together, and I am so thankful they have pulled together and let the Lord guide them through all their trials and tribulations. They have set a wonderful example for myself as well as my brother and sister. We couldn't have asked for better parents and I am so grateful that the Lord picked us to be their children. I love each one of them so dearly and it means so much to be able to say they have made it through so many years. I hope and pray that the Lord will help me to be the kind of wife/mom to my husband and children that my mom was/is is to me.

This picture is of last summer (2006), we spent a couple days at some cabins for a family reunion. They are joking around, really they're a couple of dorks lol.

This one is of them at my brother's wedding in Oct.

This was taken on my mom's bday in July of this year. My sister, brother, me, mom & dad.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well Andrea had her baby and on the 22nd my SIL's sister had her baby, so that means out of all the women I know who were pregnant, I'm the only one left. I can't believe I'm next. I was kinda taking comfort in the fact that I had a little while longer, but when they had their babies it hit me, I DON'T have much time at all. There is so much to get done and hardly any time to do it. Less than two months! In 4 days I can say my baby will be here next month! My mom is coming this Sunday to paint the mural in the baby room, I'll post pictures when she's done. Next Saturday is the baby shower. So close, I'm ready to have the little guy, but I need to get my rear in gear.

My MIL is wacko, seriously. We spent Christmas day with her and they were talking about my baby belly and how in one of the pictures I have it looked bigger than it really is. I said it depends on the time of day as to how far he's sticking out and for some unknown reason she says, "let me help you out," takes one hand puts it on my belly and takes the other hand and starts hitting the hand that's on my stomach. What in the world was she doing?! Nobody knows, but it made me mad and it didn't particularly feel too good either! Why do people feel they can do whatever they want to other's? Hello, boundaries! Boy I wish everyone knew what that word means.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I can't believe that Christmas is only a few days away. I love this time of year. Eric and I went driving around the other night looking at Christmas lights. I love doing that with him. I'm so thankful that we are together this year and that we have a little bundle of joy on the way. I thank God for all that He has done for us and for the families that we have been blessed with. I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I took my last final today, I'm done with school for a while. I am now a full time wife and soon-to-be mom again. I had a dr appt on the 11th. Everything went well, the dr said my weight gain is really good and all my tests came back really good. She said we have a wonderful baby and my next appt is my last 4 week one, then it will be every couple of weeks. We're getting close. My sister is planning the baby shower for the 5th of Jan, so that's only 3 weeks away! For Christmas I got Eric tickets to a hockey game on that day so he won't have to suffer through it. He came to the wedding shower, bless his heart, but didn't enjoy himself one bit lol. So I thought I'd spare him this time. I think he'll be very happy about that, hopefully :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Eric and I went to a dinner for the ROTC. They were commissioning two of the seniors for this semester. I was nervous, but it ended up being alright. I always get nervous when I have to go to those things. Eric was introducing me to people and he kept saying, "This is my wife, Chelle (he never calls me Michelle lol)," then he'd pat my stomach and say, "and this is our little one." lol. After a few times of doing that I kindly asked him to stop lol. I thought it was so cute that he's so excited about our baby, but I'd rather not have people stare and/or try to feel my belly. He's so sweet though, and I love him more with each passing day. I thank God that He put Eric in my life and that we have been able to develop the friendship and marriage that we have.

We have finals this week, starting tomorrow. It rained most of the night and so it's very icy here today. Eric said our tree outside is bent all the way over with the weight of the ice. I'm taking his word for it, it's too cold for me to go check lol. So, we skipped out on class this morning, I hate having to drive or ride when the weather is bad. If they don't cancel class tomorrow, I'll have no choice. Well, I guess there's always the choice of staying home and taking a zero on the test. I'd rather ride in the bad weather. I'm taking time off from school, since the baby will be here next semester, so this is my last week of school for a while. I was looking forward to graduating next to Eric, but being with our baby is much more important than a degree I won't be using for some time anyways. Family is my top priority, always.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Update on little Austin:

They thought he might have pneumonia, but after running some tests everything came back negative. He gets to come home today! Thank you for the prayers, I appreciate it so much.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My friend, Fawn, had a baby boy on Saturday. His name is Austin, and he was born with some sort of infection. I don't know the whole story (she's supposed to call me this afternoon so we can talk), but he's in the hospital and having to be fed through a tube. The drs are wanting his breathing to slow down, but he's making progress. Please keep him and his mom and dad (Jason) in your prayers. I would appreciate it so much!