Saturday, May 31, 2008

We bought a little 2 ft pool today so we could swim with Ryan. He loved it! I bought him a pair of swim trunks, so cute!

I had to put a hat on his head so he wouldn't get burned. He's just maxin' and relaxin'. He was so laid back, he loves the water, YAY! He loves the outside, which is wonderful. Sometimes he starts getting fussy and if we take him outside he calms down lol. Silly boy.
His daddy couldn't be more proud. He's in love with his little boy.
He laughed for the first time the other day. He's been giggling but he laughed and it was the cutest thing in the world. Yesterday's tummy time he scooted himself some. Definite progress. He's even seeming to enjoy it a little.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My baby will be four months old tomorrow, where has the time gone? I really can't believe it. His four month appt is Friday. He's grown so much. He's giggling a lot these days. He rolls over on the couch, he's even laying on his belly more these days without yelling right away (well, it really depends on the moment, but sometimes he does and I consider that progress). He's talking so much these days and my mom just loves to hear him over the phone while we're talking. She's in love. Me too. (His pajama's got stuck on his head when I was changing him lol)Photobucket

Please keep my brother in your prayers. He has been looking for a job and things just keep falling through for him, poor guy. He's really getting down about the situation. He put in an application for the department of corrections so hopefully he'll hear from them. I REALLY hope he hears from them so he can stay out of the oil field. I HATE the oil field with a passion, that's where my dad got hurt. I don't want to see my brother in that field any longer. He didn't want to put his app in at the DOC but told my mom he felt that's what the Lord wanted him to do, so hopefully he'll hear from them soon. Otherwise he's going back. My mom and sister are supposed to go to Wyoming with my grandma, aunt and uncle to visit family. They were going up to my grandma's today but turned around cause it was hailing. Hopefully the storms will ease up so they can have a safe trip there and back. With all the tornadoes we've been having I sure hate to see them set out. Please keep them in your prayers too, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My sister's junior prom was Friday. She looked so beautiful. Her boyfriend is so funny. He bought a camo tux to wear. My sister was fine with that, and they looked so cute together. I just love her boyfriend. He's so good to her, I told her if she ends up not staying with him I feel sorry for her next bf cause we all just love him. Last year he borrowed a 69 Mustang to take her in. This year he got a 08 Crossfire. He's so handy. He either has anything you need or knows where to get it lol. Anyways, they went out to eat and then came back so my brother could see her and we could take pictures as a family and it was sad cause she hugged my brother and started crying cause she was missing dad. I felt so bad for her. It was so funny though cause my mom planted a sweet potato under a tree and while we were taking pictures my sister's heels sank into the ground and when she pulled it out the potato was stuck on there lol. They went to the prom and after prom and had a good time though so I'm glad for that.

The next day we went to my grandma's house and we helped her move. Well, I didn't really get to help cause I had to take care of Ryan but Eric and my brother helped and they got everything moved from one town to the next and unloaded.

Sunday my mom kept Ryan for a couple hours (the longest I've ever left him and I was so ready to get back lol) while Eric, my brother, sister, sister-in-law, and I went to the river. We had a good time. We played baseball with imaginary runners lol.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. It was a wonderful day. Eric and Ryan went and got me breakfast and then they gave me my presents. We went and had a picnic at the park for lunch. Eric made me a cake (the first cake he ever made and was so delicious) and for dinner they took me out to a steakhouse and bought me a rib eye (so good). We bought the game Risk and we spent the evening playing that. By the way, I kicked hiney in a big way! It was a wonderful birthday. Yes, that's my natural curl. I just don't wear it like that very often at all (it's such a pain in the rear).

Now it's back to work on the house. I do believe Eric and I are insane for starting to paint the whole house with a 3 month old.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well, no luck so far with tummy time, but that's ok. My mom is officially a college graduate! She graduated and then we had her bbq afterwards. She enjoyed herself and we all had a good time together. I'm so proud of her!

On Friday Ryan giggled for the first time! It was so cute and it was for me, which made it all the better. Eric had ran to the store so he missed it, but got to hear it the next day. It just made my day.

We are painting all the rooms in our house (minus Ryan's room, since we did that before he was born). We painted the livingroom yesterday and today and it looks so good. I love it! We now have 3 rooms left. I'll post pictures when it's completely done.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get Ryan to like tummy time? I've read some things and tried them all. I've tried putting something under him to prop him up, getting down and trying to distract him, putting a mirror in front of him, putting him on my legs and letting him "fly", ect... and nothing works. He just despises tummy time. I know he needs it to build his muscles but I hate hearing him scream because he hates being on his tummy. Anyways, I'd take any suggestions you have.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. It was a sad day. He would have been 51 years old. I miss him terribly. I simply wish I could talk to him one more time, and yes I know I'd want it again and again and again, but it doesn't stop me from wanting it this time too.