Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well it's been 6 months since I last posted. I don't even know if anybody checks here anymore. Everything is going good here. The baby is growing and getting big. It's a GIRL! YAY! Her name is Alyssa Renee. I've had to get a few ultrasounds since I've had seizures, which was fine by me, cause we got to see her which is always wonderful. She's doing good though and everything is just fine. I had another seizure at the beginning of Dec so they put me back on medicine. I am almost 31 weeks and starting at 32 weeks I have to start getting no stress tests done twice a week until I deliver. I can't believe she's almost here already. They were a month off on the due date, they figured it wrong so I'm due April 25.

Eric is doing good. He started his new unit in December and he really likes it there. They are busy though with a change of command and that has taken up a lot of his time. Today was the change of command ceremony though so maybe it'll get back to normal. They are supposed to go for a while to another post and it'll be around my due date if they do end up going so I'm hoping they'll cancel that. We'll see, it'll all work out though.

Ryan is getting very big. He turned two at the end of last month. I just can't believe how fast time goes and how big they get so quickly. He's such a wonderful little boy though and I couldn't have asked for a better son. I love him to pieces. He's going to be a wonderful big brother. He gives my tummy kisses and gives his little I love you sign to her. It's so adorable.

Anyways, if anyone does read this sorry it's been so long. Life sure does get away from me sometimes and time goes so quickly it's ridiculous!