Saturday, April 28, 2007

I appreciate all the prayers and input! Jon had his surgery and everything went well. He got his neckbrace off and he was able to eat that night. My brother went up to see him yesterday and they were going to take him out of ICU last night, which is awesome, cause they said he'd be there for at least 10 days and he was there for 6! We are going down next weekend and we have put together a fundraiser, car wash/bake sale for Saturday. The guy who owns the car wash where I'm from is going to let us use it for the day, and we've got lots of people making baked goods to sale. Everything is coming together and Matt (my brother) said that since Jon found out we are doing things to raise money his spirits have lifted again. I guess it was really bothering him knowing he couldn't get up and go out and get the money he needs. Then we're planning on doing some sort of lunch fundraiser around the 19th, and we already have a location that we were told we could use anytime we need. So, just pray that people come together and we're able to raise enough money to keep him going and to get him into a good rehab so that he can focus totally on his recovery!

Thanks again, everybody's prayers and nice thoughts are so appreciated!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We are trying to get some fundraisers together to raise money for Jon, if you have any ideas as how we could do this, I would appreciate them! He's having his surgery today, and yesterday he got news that things looked worse than they originally thought. He's in the Air Force Reserves, but he has no insurance, so things are going to get really expensive, really fast. Any input would be appreciated!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I would like to ask everyone to PLEASE be praying for my brother's best friend Jon. Yesterday was a pretty sad/uneasy day for our family. My sister called me yesterday morning and told me that my brother's best friend, Jon, was in a motorcycle accident and they had mediflighted him to OKC, and he could possibly be paralyzed. I told her if she heard anything let me know. I hung up and prayed. My dad called a couple hrs later and told me basically the same thing, except by then he had been told that he had cracks in 3 of his vertebrates. My sister called me back a while later and said that my brother had called my dad and was crying so hard (my brother and Jon have been friends since before Jr High) he had to hand the phone to the preacher (who just happened to be up there visiting someone else, and ran into my brother) so he could tell him that Jon was paralyzed and the dr said he didn't think he would walk again. I told my sister that drs are often wrong and that we just have to keep praying. They said that my dad was going to die when he had liver failure, and the dr sent him home so he could die, and it's been 4 years and he's alive and kicking and his liver is functioning just fine. I called my brother to check on him, and he said that Jon was in really good spirits about everything, which I think is a very important thing. I believe attitude has a lot to do with how well a person fairs in any situation. Well, I didn't talk to my brother long because he was in the room with Jon, and I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask a bunch of questions with him being right there, and my brother is not the type who likes to answer a bunch of questions anyways. Well, I found out a few other details from my mom, but then I texted my brother's gf and asked her exactly what happened to she called and told me the following story:
Jon and a couple other guys rode their bikes to another town, about an hr from where we're from. They had a few drinks and decided to go home. One of the other guys took off somewhere else, and Jon and the third guy rode together. Well, when they got closer, the third guy turned off to go to his home, and Jon kept driving. Well, a deer ran out in front of him, he swerved to miss it, got the bike under control, but then hit a bump and ran off the road, hit a sign, and from where his bike was laying he was 30 feet away. It was around 3 in the morning, and a guy getting off work from an oil rig was driving by and seen the headlight from the bike in the ditch, stopped, seen the bike and then went looking for him. He found him, called the ambulance. They took him to the hospital, where they checked him over, and then mediflighted him to OKC. He had actually cracked 9 of his vertebrates, one of which a piece broke off and is now floating in his spinal column, which is the reason he's paralyzed. He wasn't wearing a helmet, but thank God he didn't sustain any brain damage. He blacked his eye, knocked out several teeth, has a partially collapsed lung, a bruise on his kidneys (they don't know if the bruise is from the accident or because he had just passed kidney stones), and he dislocated his leg. He was paralyzed from his belly button down. The drs said they can't say for sure what will happen, they said they're not God (I'm glad they know that) and that only time will tell if he'll walk again.
My sister called this evening and told me that my brother went back up today, and Jon already has feeling an inch lower then he did yesterday. THANK YOU GOD! I know that drinking and driving is one of the stupidest decisions that you can EVER make but we are praying for his full recovery and for this to be a learning experience for both Jon and everyone else around him. So, if you could all be praying for him, Jon, his family and my family would be very appreciative. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I got my cap and gown today, so I'm all set to graduate. I am even going to graduate with honors! I'm pretty proud of that. Just a few weeks left and I'm done with these stupid classes and I'll have my associates. I know, I'm only going to be half way done with school, but I'm still pretty proud of myself. I was talking to my mom yesterday, she's in college too, and we were discussing how the professors make the assignments and tests so different from each other, it makes no sense. Then with all the things they make you learn, it makes you wonder if it's worth going through all that for a degree. I told my mom, that to get into the system and make a difference it's going to take us getting by and learning the crap they teach. That's about the only way you can get a job that will make a difference, and try to make changes to a system that could definitely use some changes. My mom is having a hard time, dealing with some of the things they are making her learn, it's definitely in opposition with the way she believes. Her convictions are telling her this is wrong, but there is no way of getting a degree in what she wants to get a degree in without taking the classes she is in. I'm looking to go into the same field she is, which means that I will have to face the same dilemma's she is, and it makes it definitely difficult to make it through, or even want to attempt to make it through. The only thing that makes it worth trying to get through it, is that the Lord needs people in place to do His works, and this seems to be the only way. That's the only reason it would even be remotely worth it to go through what the world is trying to indoctrinate into the heads of students these days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We had a good Easter weekend. We went down to Oklahoma and spent it with my family. We had a really good time. It was freezing cold though, I couldn't believe it. On the way down there it snowed until OK and then it rained a good way through there too. Eric, my sister, her bf and me dyed eggs on Saturday. My mom asked when my sister was going to grow out of wanting to do that, lol....I still want to do it and she's 7 yrs younger than me. Then on Easter we hid them and hunted them lol. There are no little ones around, but I think it's pretty funny to see two 16 yr olds and a 23 and 24 yr old out hunting eggs on a freezing cold day while it's spitting snow. My brother had to work all weekend, but he came over for a few hrs on Easter and spent some time with us. We drove over (it's an hr away from my mom's) to my brother's house on Friday and my brother, his gf, my sister, her bf, Eric and myself went bowling. That was really fun. It was a great time and I thank God for the time we got to spend with them. I am in awe of how the Lord died for our sins and rose again and that we are here on earth and able to celebrate such a wonderful blessing. I thank God for all the blessing that He has given us. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend too!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Thank all of you ladies for the sweet comments. I appreciate each and everyone of them! You're all such a blessing to me and I thank you for your continued friendship and support!

I'm not a pleased person as far as the mgmt company for our apartment complex is concerned. Apparently they don't know that the landlord/tenant law says that you can't just come into a person's place without giving notice first. They are supposed to come every other month to spray the place, they hand out a calender with the dates marked, but the past two times they haven't come on the days that they said they were going to and then they show up, unannounced. It's very irritating. Once I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed when they came. Then the other day the manager called and said the plumber was coming the next day to do some work on the outside, but he may need to come inside, that's fine. Well, I was working out and I thought I heard someone at the door, so I stopped to see if I had, and next thing I know the plumber uses a key (the manager wasn't even with him!) and just comes in. For pete's sake. Then yesterday (this is the second time this has happened) the electricity went out, for no apparent reason, but only in the front half of the apartment. Well, the last time it happened we called out the electric company to make sure it wasn't the outside lines, it wasn't. They told us to call the manager and tell him that it was inside and he'd need an electrician, so we did. He didn't come last time, and the electricity just came back on by itself, and it worked fine until yesterday. Eric called yesterday at 1 and told him were having problems again, he said he couldn't do anything until Monday. Eric said, well the fridge it out and we have an aquarium that needs to be plugged in too. He told us to run an extension cord from the back and plug them in. That's fine, but it peeved me because he made no effort whatsoever to provide any kind of assistance to us. So, we went out and bought an extension cord and ran it from the back to the front. The electricity as out for 9 hrs, came back on for 2 hrs and then went out again. It was halfways on this morning when the electrician showed up. He fixed whatever it was, so hopefully we won't have any more problems. It just irritates me that we pay our rent here but get treated like they have free reign over the place. I did my homework and looked up the laws and it says that a landlord must give "reasonable time" before entering the premises, and reasonable time is defined as a time set between the landlord and tenant. So, I'm going to send a letter and let them know that we don't appreciate them thinking they can come in whenever their heart desires and hopefully it won't happen again.

Alright, there's my rant for the day lol. I feel better.