Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. Eric and I went down to OK on Thursday. We stopped by his mom's work on the way down and gave her the mother's day present we bought for her. We got to my families around 4. My brother proposed to his girlfriend that evening. They don't live in the same town, but he called and told us about it. They are getting married Oct 6 of this year (which happens to be 6 days before our 5th anniversary).

On Friday, my sister had her first prom. She was a sophomore server, and so was her boyfriend. I took her over to get her nails done that morning, and then my mom and I ran her over to get her hair done. She hadn't ever been to the place she went, and the girl who did her hair acted like it was the first time she ever seen hair before. I couldn't believe how slow she was, and in the end she did a not so good job. The curls were cute, but she left big rats in the back by her ponytail. I went over and tried to give Meg the opportunity to say something, but she didn't take it. She couldn't see the back, so she didn't know. Anyways, that cost $40, and in the end when we got home, I had to fix it. Here's the before and after.

Here she is in her servers outfit and then her and her bf, Colter. He got to use his grandma's 66 Mustang to take her to the prom. It was so sweet!

Here they are after they served and got ready for the dance. They are so cute! His mom made her dress for her! The other picture is my dad and sister "waltzing" lol.

Saturday was my birthday. I turned 24. I can't believe I'm 24. It was a good birthday though. My mom and I got up early and went and got my brother and brought him over after he got off work. Eric and I went and seen Shrek 3. It was funny, although I swear the rudest bunch of people I've ever come across where in the theater, sitting right by us. It was packed in there, and this lady comes in, on her cell phone, with 8 kids. They were loud and so rude. Eric had went to get some popcorn, and so I was saving his seat. The lady sat in the seat next to his, and I had to tell them 3 times that someone was sitting in the seat next to me, because she kept letting the kids sit there. Then, she answered her phone 4 times during the movie. Why can't people go 1 1/2 hrs without talking on their phone? I don't get it. One of the kids kept getting out of his seat and coming and standing right in our way, and stepped on my foot 3 times. She got up several times, never saying excuse me. Good grief! Anyways, the movie was funny and I'm glad we went to see it. The rest of the day went really well too, and I'm glad we were there to celebrate my birthday.

Here's my "nephew". My brother bought him for his fiance for her birthday in April. He's a yorkipoo his name, I kid you not, is Ozzie Yorkie Pooholes T-------. Both the Ozzie and the Pooholes part are after names of baseball players I guess, so my brother said.

On Sunday, we had the second fundraiser. It was a lunch, and it went really well. It went from 11-1, and we made $1700. Jon gets out of rehab the 26th. Him and my dad are going to be my brother's best men, and he told my brother he will be walking by then. I hope he keeps that attitude, even if he doesn't end up meeting his goal.

Anyways, that was my weekend, sorry for the long post.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eric had lasik eye surgery done last Friday. It went really well. He had a little trouble with his eyes the first two days after the surgery, but mostly just with them itching and being a little blurry. Other than that, though, they are healing well, thank God! This is the last picture of him with his glasses, and then the first picture without them.

Since he had surgery, they gave him 7 days convalescent leave, so we're getting to spend the week together. He also is taking four days of leave the 17-20, so we can go down to Oklahoma. We would go sooner, but of course you have to sign out before going on leave, and so we can't. That's ok though. My sister's first prom (she's a sophomore server) is Friday, and she wanted me down there to help her get ready. Then my birthday is Saturday, and the fundraiser is Sunday. We went fishing yesterday and half my body got burnt, I look a little lopsided lol. Oh well, I'm planning to go stand in the sun to get the other side tomorrow lol. Hopefully the sun will cooperate with me. My brother (Matt) texted me yesterday and said he got the ring to propose to his gf (Brandi). I'm happy for him. They've had a long road getting to this point. They dated in high school, I believe they were in the 10th grade when they started dating. They were homecoming king and queen. He was the captain of the football team, she was a cheerleader. He was very much going to make her his wife. When they graduated though, it didn't go that way. She said she needed space and he moved to Nevada. She called him while he was there, but my aunt, who my brother was living with at the time, thought it was doing more harm than good, so she told her not to call her house ever again. When Matt moved back to OK, 2 yrs later, he was angry at Brandi, and wouldn't talk to her. She got engaged to a guy, and before she married him, she came to Matt to try to talk to him. He refused, and she married the guy. Well, long story short, she got a divorce after 2 yrs, and after a total of 7 years, they are back together. I'm not sure when he's going to propose, but I'm hoping while we're down there this weekend :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Official

I'm a college graduate! One degree down, one to go!

My sister got me this shirt for my birthday (May 19th), isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well, we are home now. We had a wonderful visit with family and everything when we were down there. Sunday was my dad's birthday, and we all pitched in to buy him a new stereo. It stormed from Saturday night until Monday morning. It flooded where my parents live, and there were 4 tornado's in Oklahoma at one time. There was one that was 15 miles west of my parent's house, and then another that was about 20 miles south of there. It was crazy. The electricity went out for about 3 hrs, so we had to have dad's party in the dark. It was fun though. Mom bought party hats, and blowers and bubbles. My dad has a really hard time just about every birthday. He hates getting older, but this year he was actually in very high spirits and had a wonderful time.

After the party my brother and his gf left because he had to go to work that night. My sister, her bf, Eric and I played hide-and-go-seek in the dark, lol. It was pretty fun. Anyways, I could not believe how bad it rained. When we came home yesterday there was a town in KS that we had to pass through and it was so flooded, I couldn't believe it. I took a couple pictures. There are billboards that are covered with water to the bottom of the sign.
The water was so high it was touching the bottoms of the bridges. It was crazy. The whole town looked like it had been flooded. Thankfully it didn't do that here where we live.

Anyways, Sunday night my brother's gf called me and said that Matt (my brother) had left to go to work and she had gotten a call from a cop saying they were taking him to jail and to come down and get his car or they were going to impound it. So, she had to walk down to get the car. She was so shaken up when she called me, she was asking what to do lol. I had no clue what to do, but told her to find out how much bail was going to be and then we'd see what we could do about getting the money together to get him out. He has NEVER been arrested, and I felt so bad for him. He got pulled over because he had expired tags, they ran his license and found that it has been suspended because of a ticket he didn't pay. So, that was a lesson he learned the hard way. PAY YOUR TICKETS ON TIME! Anyways, his gf said she was going to call my uncle (my brother works for my uncle) and tell him Matt wouldn't be at work that night. So, we decided I should tell my parents so they didn't hear it through the grapevine. Well, I was just telling my mom and she calls me back. He was getting out, they only needed $218, and she was going to get him. He told her not to call our uncle, he was going to work. Anyways, so I told my mom for nothing. Which made me feel bad, because I don't want to be a rat, but I didn't want it getting back to them from my uncle. So, overall it was a very eventful weekend lol. It was a good weekend though, for the most part and a valuable lesson was learned.

I graduate tomorrow, and this is the last week of school for the semester!!!! YAY!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


We're still in Oklahoma, today is my dad's 50th bday. We have to go home tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to that, but I was so excited about yesterday I just had to get on here and update. On Friday night I was a little irritated and a bit skeptical because things didn't seem to be coming along with the fundraisers, but I prayed and put it in God's hands and He definitely came through for Jon! Yesterday Eric and I went to the car wash to meet the guy who owns it. He came and cleaned it up and then opened one stall and one vacuum for us. Eric went and put up more signs and my brother's gf (Brandi), her sister and I stayed there. Well, the guy who owns the car wash, not only let us use the car wash (for free!) he gave us $5 and then washed his own bike! Well, the very next guy who came up was an old farmer. Eric washed it and his truck was so muddy he came out covered head to toe in mud. I'll have to post pictures later. Anyways, the price we set was $5 for the outside, $10 for outside and vacuum and $15 for outside and detail. Well, he gave Eric $5 and said "You earned your $5." Well, Jon's gf's mom was there and she had been talking to the guy while his truck was being washed and she told him what we were raising money for and he said, "Oh" and walked over to his truck and got out a $100! Then the next guy came in and gave $55 plus another $50 for a second truck he was having washed! Within the first 3 hrs we had made $500! It was so amazing to see how God worked it. We had the car wash from 9-5 yesterday. You'll never guess how much money we made on the combination of the car wash and bake sale! The bake sales were sold out by 12! One of the bake sales made $460, the other made $238! Plus, to make it even more awesome, there's a group called The Down Biker's Association and they are supposed to match us! So, the grand total that they will have to match us is.... $3568.31!!!! Can you believe that from a car wash/bake sale?! God showed Himself in a major way yesterday, and it was so amazing to see it all come together. Everyone here was so supportive and generous. Eric told me, "I LOVE small town people!" lol... Me too. We were all thinking just a few hundred dollars, and that this would be the smallest profit from the fundraisers that we do. It might be, but if the other's do as well as this one does, how amazing would that be?! We're planning a lunch on the 20th now, and my sister's bf is helping with that one, and she said they always make quite a bit of money on those. Anyways, I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell. I just can't stop thanking God for all He did yesterday. Brandi called my brother and told him when we were at $3100, and he screamed, "Thank you Jesus!" Which was the recurring theme in the phone calls we made, that's what my mom and dad said too. Anyways, just thought I would share the blessing that we received for Jon. I hope you're all having a good weekend.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We are going down to Oklahoma tomorrow. I'm really ready, but not looking forward to the trip lol. I baked all day long today. I didn't sit down until around 7 tonight. I had a time too. My dad's 50th bday is Sunday, so I told my mom I'd make his cake. I bought a cake mix and a brownie mix for the bake sale. I make the brownies, I separate them into two different pans. I put nuts in one of the pans. I bake them, they turn out great, a little fluffy, but great. I cut one of the pans into squares. After a while I go to make the cake. I put the mix in the bowl and look to see what I need to do. I see it says, "Mix brownies" lol. So, half my dad's cake is already cut up, the other half has nuts in it. I ran back to the store to get another cake mix. I get it, bring it home, then start to make it. I put the mix in the bowl, look to see what I need. I need 3 eggs, I have 2, lol. So I had to run back to the store, but that's alright. I called mom both times so she could laugh with me/at me lol. At least we have the ability to laugh at ourselves, otherwise we'd be pretty miserable people :) So, all in all I made, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, rice crispie treats, banana nut bread, and two cakes. Now, I just hope it all sells!