Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm gonna be an Aunt! My brother and sister-in-law announced yesterday that they are expecting their first baby. They just found out yesterday too. My brother asked if he could wake Ryan up but before I could answer he woke up anyways. So Matt took him outside and then next thing I know they're walking through the front door with Ryan holding pink and blue balloons with "gonna be a cousin" written on them lol. She went today and they said her expected due date is March 6. I'm very happy for them. Eric's brother has 2 daughters, but they live in Alaska and I've never met them. So this will be my first real nephew or niece. Funny thing is, we weren't even going to come down this weekend. Things beyond our control made us come, good timing I guess lol.

On another note, my baby is 5 months old now. Where does it go? I don't understand. I blink and he's doing something new. I turn around and he's grown another inch. Geez. My brother told me "call me when he does something real" lol. I told him after they found out that I wouldn't tell him that when his baby starts reaching out or sitting up or giving kisses, but I think I will lol.


kbug said...

Ever heard that song by Kenny Chesney titled "Don't Blink?" Life passes by so quickly it can become a blur, so don't blink. We need to embrace every wonderful moment..... :)

vanessa said...

Congrats to them!
Your baby boy is so darn cute! When Salvador turned two I went back to look at his baby album just to remember what he was like as a baby. It's sad:( now fast they grow.

Jenn said...

That's great! My husband's sister has two kids but my brother doesn't have any . Hope you have a nice day !