Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm tired, I need a nap. I miss my dad. For some reason my sister-in-law thinks that we all need to know when they are going to try for their kids. Just in case any of you are curious it's 23 days now. What is that?! I don't get it. I don't want to get it. I want her to realize that my sister and I are his sisters and that my mom is his mom and we don't need to know that info. It's strange and more than a little disturbing. People.


Charla said...

WOW..some people just like to air everything about themselves don't!!

Sorry you're having a rough day hun!! Go hold your precious baby boy, relax a little, and take that nap!! You've been so busy lately and have had so much to deal deserve a little "me time"!!

Ryan is getting so big..he's such a handsome little guy! Take care sweetie!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope you got a nap in today. Some days are just really hard, aren't they.

Yeah, definitely TMI from your SIL :)


vanessa said...

yeah a little to much info.
sleep when baby sleeps even now when Salvador takes a nap I sometimes lay with him 10 to 20 minutes is all i need to keep going.
take care

Jenn said...

My first time here,sorry about your dad. Just wanted to say I think your baby is a cutie and he's just a couple weeks older then my little fella. My little guy hates tummy time too !

Courtney said...

I hope your feeling better & more rested. A mommy's job is hard but worth it. Still hard though lol!

I agree with the sil situation. Some things are better left unsaid. Especially those things & especially to sisters & moms.