Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adding to what I had to say in my entry yesterday:

On my Dad's anniversary my brother ended up coming down as well. He sent me a text and said, "I sure wish I could have Buffalo Wild Wings" I sent him one back "You could if you came down" He sent one, "OK" and rung the doorbell. It was such a nice surprise. So everyone, except his wife, were together for one of the hardest days in our lives. I just doesn't seem possible. Living a year without my Dad just doesn't seem possible. Also, Courtney, in case you still read the blog, THANK YOU so very much for your thoughtfulness! She did such an amazing thing for me. She sent me this on the anniversary:


Jenn said...

That was very nice of your friend !

kbug said...

That was so sweet of Courtney. I've lost all track of her since she took her blog off the beaten path. If you still talk to her, tell her to email me or stop by my blog and give me contact info. It's very nice that you could be together with your family to help everyone get through such a tough time.

If my math serves me right, your little boy turned 1 year old yesterday...happy birthday, sweetie..... :)

his biggest fan said...

I agree, that was sweet.

Thanks for the comment... yeah, we're trying really hard this go around. We're looking at getting married, but I'm still not 100% sure yet. We just fight a bit too much.

I really really miss him... 15 months is too long!! :)

kbug said...

How are you? Haven't seen anything from you in quite a while. It does seem to be hard to find time to blog these days, though. Hope all is well with you and yours..... :)